The Journey is Evangel’s discipleship process designed to help provide understanding and encouragement on your road to spiritual maturity. You will find this as a place of great fellowship, supportive families and training for your godly future while developing your faith.

Our discipleship process begins with:

Connections Dinner
Come and connect with Evangel members for great food and fellowship! Dinners are held every 1st Thursday of the month at 6:30pm in the Power Play Center.

Pursuit Classes

Your first step begins with a six-week course, which is held on Thursday evenings at 6:30pm. Classes are held in the Power Play Center and include:

  • The Holy Spirit
  • A Great Decision
  • The Power of the Cross
  • Water Baptism & Deliverance
  • Encountering God
  • God’s Word on Finances

The classes run on a continual basis and are open to all members (new and old), as well as individuals who are not affiliated with Evangel.

The Encounter
Upon completion of the Pursuit classes, register for the Encounter! This three-day retreat is intended to bring you face-to-face with God and His Word. Encounters are held for men, women and couples; and alternate throughout the year.

The Next Step
This is another step in the discipleship process that continues once you complete your Pursuit courses. It is designed to further your spiritual walk on the Journey.

The School of Disciples
Comprised of three 10-week  sessions of intense study and preparation, this class will cultivate your character and groom you for discipleship.