For nearly 35 years, Evangel Fellowship has provided biblical solutions for promoting successful discipleship in life, family, and work.

And the story begins…

It was a light drizzling rain, the night of February 2, 1982. Following the leading of the Holy Spirit, Minister Otis Lockett arrived in Greensboro, North Carolina. This man of vision left his home in Cincinnati, Ohio and set out “to a place he knew not of” (Heb. 11:8), which was the beginning of his journey of faith, obedience, and revelation.

In August of 1982, Minister Otis Lockett was appointed as Pastor of the “member less” Rescue Temple III COGIC. Pastor Lockett continued walking by faith, and just two years later in 1984, a new facility for worship was constructed. The church’s name was changed from Rescue Temple III to Evangel Fellowship.

In 1988, Evangel moved to Balboa Street to accommodate its growing congregation. A Fellowship Hall was added in 1989, and the Family Enrichment Center was also completed in 1993. In 1999, Evangel constructed a new facility for worship equipped with a daycare, cafeteria, classrooms, and fitness center located on North Church Street. After continued growth, this facility was sold in 2002, as plans began for the new worship center.

In 2003, the Evangel family relocated to East Cone Blvd – a multi-purpose facility complete with an 1,800-seat sanctuary, fellowship hall, bookstore, classrooms and administrative offices. Within weeks of dedicating the facility, ground was cleared to construct the Power Play Center, a unique youth and family outreach center that .

Today, with a congregation of 1,800 and more than 30 ministries including a non-profit organization, Evangel Fellowship continues to emerge as a progressive, diverse house of worship in the North Carolina Triad area.