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“Our mission is to provide biblical solutions to promote successful discipleship in life, family and work.”

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Want to learn more on how you can stay connected, become a member and more. Our next steps is where you can gain information on how you can move forward in your faith.


Evangel Fellowship has established an inclusive setting where you can forge significant connections and attain a sense of contentment through the nourishment of your spiritual journey. 


Care is here to support you during life’s pivotal moments. Whether you need pastoral guidance, hospital visits, assistance with weddings, funerals, or support through grief, we are committed to providing compassionate and dedicated care to help you navigate these significant events.


Evangel is designed to help provide understanding and encouragement on your road to spiritual maturity. You will find this as a place of great fellowship, supportive families and training for your godly future while developing your faith.


There’s a connection for everyone.

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The Evangel Fellowship Outreach Team embodies the spirit of community and compassion, actively engaging in initiatives that support and uplift those in need within and beyond the congregation. They serve to spread hope, love, and the message of unity through practical acts of service and kindness.


Staying informed about our events is a wonderful way to remain connected with the Evangel Fellowship community, participating in worship, service opportunities, and fellowship activities. 


Giving fuels the heart of our community, creating ripples of change and boundless opportunities for growth and connection. Click “giving” to participate.


This seed will be sown into the future of Evangel, those around the world, and to communities who are experiencing food insecurities. Click “LegaSeed” to learn more.