At Evangel Kidz, our mission is to shape the youth who love Jesus. Every week, our future leaders grow closer to God through worship, lessons, and above all, fun!

Age Groups

Evangel Nursery

Ages 6 months -24 months

Evangel Pre-School

Ages 3-8 years

Evangel Elementary

Ages 9- 11 years

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How can my kids be a part?

Every week, Evangel Fellowship invites your little ones to experience the joy and excitement at our Power Play Center, a vibrant space designed for fun, learning, and spiritual growth during our services. We ask that you drop your child off at least 15 minutes prior to our 10AM Sunday service.

Are the kids separated by age?

Yes. For a seamless and fun education experience. Evangel Kidz is separated by age beginning with the Evangel Nursery all the way up to Evangel Elementary age. Please see above for ages.

Do you have an online experience for my child?

Yes. Check out our Youtube page each week for new lessons for your child. Click here to subscribe.