In life everyone will go through different challenges. No matter what you are walking through, the Evangel Care ministry wants to encourage and help you on your journey.

Pastoral Care

In need of spiritual support and guidance? Are there concerns arising in the context of daily interactions? Hours: Mondays, Wednesdays – Fridays 9am – 5pm EST.


Hospital Care

We are dedicated in bringing encouragement, prayers of faith, and the healing touch of Christ to all who are hospitalized. For assistance call (336) 375-3900 or click email below.


Birth/Baby Dedication

New birth? Or would you like to dedicate your child. We are here to assist? Our baby dedications are held every 1st or 3rd Sunday Evenings at 4pm for ages 6months – 18 months. Contact us today at 336.375.3900 ext. 306 or click email below.

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Your wedding is one of thebest days in a person’s life. Available dates may be obtained by telephone. For wedding packets and additional information call (336) 375-3900

Financial Assistance

We all have experienced hard times. If you are in need assistance. We are available Tuesday or Thursday from 10am-12pm. An application is required. For further assistance call (336) 375-3900

Funeral Care

Funeral Care provides compassionate ministers to officiate and assist at funerals and comfort families who have lost a loved one. Call 336-375-3900 for more information.


The ministry also provides a 13-week GriefShare® support class to help the grieving heal. Receive daily emails of encouragement.


We are here to support you in your faith journey, no matter what trials you encounter in life. You don’t have to go through a trial alone. We are here to help you overcome any challenge you face.