New Classes April 28-29

Vision/ Purpose

An event established to focus totally on allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal and assist us in removing any person or anything that has or is hindering us from fulfilling God’s purpose for our life on earth.


The Encounter: Day of Deliverance will be accomplished by the Holy Spirit utilizing the Encounter Guides’ to POSITION, PREPARE, PROVOKE each participant through several structural sessions that will provide each of participant an opportunity to receive all that Go intended for them.


Each session will focus on:

  • Coming face to face with God and yourself-understanding that deliverance starts when we come face to face with God our creator and the REAL YOU.
  • The impact of the cross of Jesus Christ-understanding how God brought deliverance to us through what Christ accomplished for HIM on the cross.
  • Inner healing through forgiveness -understanding how God uses forgiveness in our lives to bring inner healing.
  • The many facets of the Holy Spirit to bring deliverance in our live.