Pastor Otis Lockett, Jr., widely known as “Pastor O,” is the eldest son of the late Bishop Otis Lockett, Sr. and First Lady Barbara T. Lockett. Currently, he serves as Senior Pastor of Evangel Fellowship Word Ministries and Founding Pastor of Zion Place Ministries in Greensboro, North Carolina. Under the nurturing guidance of his father, Pastor Lockett, Jr. answered the call to ministry at age 16. Since then, he has diligently committed himself to pastoring and bridging the gap between thriving congregations of young and old.

Based on his great ability to lead and serving others in excellence, Pastor O was appointed as Chairman of the Auxiliaries in Ministry for the North Carolina 2nd Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. In 2012, he was elevated to Superintendent of the Bishop Otis Lockett, Sr. District, where he oversees several progressive churches in both North and South Carolina. Previously, he faithfully served as the Jurisdictional Youth President, and was appointed by the C.O.G.I.C. International Youth Department as the Campus Ministries Commission Coordinator.

A Greensboro native, he earned dual degrees in Psychology and African-American Studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. During his undergraduate studies, Pastor O established an outreach for college students entitled Youth Taking Charge (YTC), which continues to impact the lives of students in neighboring campuses today. He earned a Master’s degree in African-American Literature and English; and also completed his Master of Arts in Teaching in English Education.

Upon receiving the anointed mantle following his father’s transition from life to eternal life, Pastor O has been recognized as one of the premier, dynamic voices for this generation and the advancement of God’s kingdom. He consistently demonstrates his love for the Lord in his daily walk.

His powerful, life-changing teachings of the Word of God bring conviction and challenges the 21st century. It is his desire to see God’s people fulfill their divine purpose towards pursuing Christ-likeness, practicing Christ’s love and promoting Christ’s legacy.